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The ‘By Kern Premium Exhaust’ has 2 different sounds, street or sport. In street mode the noise level meets the EU 97/24 directive, it comes with the ‘e7’ mark. We assembly with euro 4 catalytic converter. On the passing by test the volume level is less then 80dB. The test is precise, made under the correct circumstances.

There is another sound mode is available. This has much louder, full body sound, it’s louder than the legal limit, use it on your own responsibility. The passing by test result is more than 105dB.

The exhaust is made of stainless steel, with no any surface treatment. It’s mirror polished, doesn’t get matt. Or you can choose the matt black colour one.

You get the ‘black and shining’ end cap as a free gift, but upon request you might choose one what you prefer.

Our exhausts are prefect replacement of the stock Harley-Davidson exhaust, slip-ons.

Our exhausts fit on the stock Harley-Davidson manifolds only.

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